Chocolate Pastry Cream/Custard Base

A natural, cold process pastry cream with a delicious, rich chocolate flavor. No artificial flavors or preservatives added.


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Chocolate Pastry Cream/Custard Base

The perfect solution when you need a chocolate pastry cream quickly. This powder base is easy to reconstitute to create a natural chocolate pastry cream in an instant by adding only water and heavy cream. Made with all-natural ingredients and 20% cocoa powder, this cream has a decadent, rich chocolate flavor. Both bake and freeze-thaw stable, use this pastry cream to fill your favorite eclairs, tarts, cakes, and beyond.
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This product is clean label and Kosher Dairy.
Allergens: contains milk.

Customer Benefits

  • Clean label
  • Delicious chocolate taste
  • Smooth texture

Consumer Benefits

  • Quick recipe
  • Freze-thaw stable
  • Bake Stable
  • Easy-to-use


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PS0010924 LBS127 LBS24 LBS11.25 x 9.25 x 11Ti x Hi = 16 x 5