Custom pastry and bakery solutions with clean label ingredients.

Delivering on quality without compromising on flavor, we specialize in custom wholesale bakery ingredients with an emphasis on clean label products so you can have it all, and have it all your way. 

What “Clean Label” means to us.

While there is no universal, official definition for “clean label” in the food industry, to us, it means ingredients that are as natural as possible. We’re talking minimally or completely unprocessed, free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and zero chemical additives included.  We keep our ingredient lists simple, choosing locally grown over imported and non-GMO whenever we can. 

When indulgence and ‘better for you’ go hand-in-hand

When you stay away from highly processed foods with artificial, chemical ingredients, you get clean tasting products with ingredients that consumers can recognize and would use in their own kitchens. We want your pastries to have that homemade, from scratch taste and we know the best way to accomplish that is by using clean label ingredients. Not only will your pastries taste better, they’ll also be better for you when you choose natural over artificial.

We deliver the best tasting products in the industry made from natural ingredients.

Fillings and Jams

Made with natural,
high-quality ingredients and fruits, our fillings and jams are bake stable and delicious.

Glazes, Ganaches, and Fondants

Presentation is key, so don’t skimp on the final step to make your pastries look and taste incredible.

Flavors and Pastes

Our natural flavors and pastes go a long way and can be used for a wide range of applications to get a big, bold result.

Pastry Mixes and Bases

Simplify your production for a higher volume output with consistent results and quality.

Bakery Ingredients and Additives

All the baking additives you need, from pectins to gelifiers, packaged in a variety of size options to suit your production.  

World class expertise and time-tested processes you can trust.