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Have technical questions about a recipe or product? Need to place an order? Run into a problem with production and need help troubleshooting? From A-Z, we’re here to help.

Sales support

Our teams are here to support you. When you reach out to us with a question, you can expect the full force of our company’s resources to pool together to answer your queries quickly and efficiently. With PastryStar, you’ll never fall through the cracks. Reach out to us, we’d love to help!

Technical support

Need help with recipe development or have a technical question about how our products can incorporate into your production processes? We are here to be your partners in brainstorming, to share our knowledge and expertise, and to answer any questions you may have.

Our baking and pastry experts go above and beyond
to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Testing in real-world conditions.

To ensure we’re developing products that work effectively in the real world, our team of expert chefs put themselves in the shoes of commercial bakers when testing products and developing recipes. This way, we can be confident that everything we produce can be scaled to suit the size of your operations, whatever they may be. 

Collaborating with our customers.

We work in close partnership with you and your team every step of the way to make sure you get the results you want. Customization is our specialty. 

Solving all kinds of challenges.

If you’re facing a problem, we have a solution. Our team of seasoned professionals have seen it all, and we love a good challenge.

There’s no hurdle we can’t clear. We work diligently to get you what you need in record time; just ask someone who’s worked with us.

Can’t find a product you need? Let us match your specs!

Can’t get your ingredient label right? We will clean it up!

Don’t have enough labor? We have foolproof solutions to help you streamline!


“Their R&D chefs are always ready to create incredible pastry products. We turn to them for innovative bakery ingredients for both seasonal and everyday items.”


Improved Consistency

“Delivering a consistent food experience across our cruise line fleet is extremely important to us. PastryStar helped us simplify and meticulously document our processes to ensure our signature desserts always tastes the same across all of our ships.”


Expert Troubleshooting

“When we had a product fail on the production line, they dropped everything to solve it. Ever since, PastryStar has been our ‘go-to’ when we need to troubleshoot a production issue, streamline processes and produce cleaner products cost effectively.”


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