We’re a family-owned
and operated business.

Since 1986, PastryStar has specialized in manufacturing high-end, natural pastry and bakery ingredients. Meet the team!

In 2018, Antonin Picou, the son of Mireille and Théodore, stepped in to take over the family business. Antonin is an industrial engineer by training, working for 3 years in consulting at McKinsey & Co. prior to transitioning to PastryStar. Through his consulting and management experience, Antonin was able to get a firsthand look at the variety of problems that companies face, and how to maneuver to solve them. From designing and installing new production lines to increasing operational organization, Antonin sees the next phase of growth for PastryStar as blossoming from a small mom-and-pop operation to growing into the larger shoes its meant to fill.

Co-founder Mireille Picou traces her deep familial roots in the industry all the way back to 1865 when her great grandfather, Gustave Picou, established a distillery in Saint Denis in the Seine province of France. Mireille earned an MBA from the European Business School and quickly proceeded to become a co-founder of PastryStar. She brings 35+ years of operational and finance experience to the table. She is also the keeper of our institutional knowledge and manages relationships with our vendors.

With 40+ years of experience in the industry, co-founder Chef Theodore Pary has brought a fresh take to his work. Focusing on new techniques of naturally balancing ingredients, he developed top-quality pastry products that deliver excellent flavor without the use of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.