Corporate social

At PastryStar, we know that all of us—individually and together—make an impact; we are on a mission to ensure that our impact is a positive one.

We prioritize high quality ingredients with clean labels

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will find products that look and taste like they are made from scratch with ingredients you can recognize, be proud of, and pronounce!

We take care of our people

Without our people, PastryStar wouldn’t exist. Our teams are passionate about innovation and perfection in the pastry and bakery world, and we are passionate about cultivating a supportive, healthy environment for them to thrive.

We source responsibly and are good stewards of the environment

We believe that consumers should be able to trust that their products were produced ethically and responsibly, and know what ingredients they contain. At PastryStar, we build that trust. We take environmental sustainability seriously and ensure that all of our production partners do the same so that we can be sure that we are sourcing ingredients that were produced responsibly.

We mean business when it comes to traceability

With a rigorous vetting program and strict quality control in place for bringing on new vendors, we ensure that all of our partners are 100% food safe to the highest standard. We have thorough traceability systems in place to ensure that we can follow the process that each product takes from initial production, all the way to our facilities.

We are committed to sourcing products that are as natural as possible for cleaner ingredients, prioritizing those that are non-GMO, and ensuring that the impact we leave on the environment along the way is a positive one.

We conserve freshwater

Agriculture accounts for, on average, 70% of the freshwater used around the world on an annual basis. As a company in the food industry, we feel an innate responsibility to use this precious resource responsibly.

We encourage healthy, regenerative farming practices to protect our soils and keep them nutrient-rich

As a pastry ingredient manufacturer, we rely on a variety of production partners down the supply chain to produce our base ingredients, which means their environmental footprint gets absorbed into ours. Because we take sustainability seriously, we want to make sure that we are partnering only with those who also make a concerted effort to protect and conserve the environment. We encourage soil-safe farming practices and work exclusively with producers who have sustainability top-of-mind.

We limit food waste in our own operations.

40% of food that is produced globally is lost or wasted. This is unacceptable. Being in the food business, we want to be part of the solution, not part of this problem. We have processes in place in our internal operations to reduce food waste as much as possible, with the aim of eliminating waste altogether.