Custom pastry and bakery solutions.

We specialize in creating custom wholesale bakery and pastry ingredients, so you get it your way, always. From innovative pastry products to clean label, non-GMO ingredients, we develop bakery products to fit your exact needs.

From ideation to final product, our team is with you every step of the way.


It all starts with an idea.

Every great product starts as just an idea. Whether you have one or you need one, our expert team of chefs and food scientists are here to help!

Defining product parameters.

Once we land on an idea, whether it be for a single ingredient or full recipe, we define the project further by digging into how the final product will be used, how much it should cost, the shelf life it will have, and if we have any specific ingredient restrictions or requirements.

Iterating to perfection.

Our team creates prototype products quickly and in order to do this, we rely on your partnership in sharing feedback. We iterate until we get it just right.

Processing parameters.

Once the product is clearly defined and the specs are approved, we replicate it in production. We define all process parameters including brix, pH, water activity, moisture content, viscosity, color and beyond to ensure that the product will be able to be replicated exactly, every time. 

Consistency is key!

Each batch we make is tested against the defined process parameters before it is shipped so that we can be sure that each batch you receive is exactly the same as the batch before it. A sample is retained in our lab for reference and traceability purposes – you can trust that we’ve got every T crossed and every I dotted. 

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