Time-tested expertise
you can trust. 

We’ve been in this business a long time. 35+ years of developing and producing recipes and ingredients and we’ve seen it all! If you need it, we can create it.

Partnering with you 

Collaboration is the name of the game for us. Building strong relationships with our customers allows us to learn in the ins and outs of your business to better meet your needs and create the best possible custom solutions.

Product testing in real-world applications

We send our chefs to test products with you in-house, at your facility, on your production lines. If you need technical support, our chefs have experience in the smallest and largest establishments and are able to help you get it right and get things moving!

Product development and matching

Whether we’re developing a brand-new creation from scratch or expertly matching your specs, our pastry chefs and production experts customize products to your precise needs. We deliver fast, never compromising on taste. From the ideation stage to having the final product in your hands, our turnaround time is within a few weeks. 

Committed to the industry and to the environment

We are committed to being good stewards of earth resources. As part of this commitment, we partner only with farms that give the utmost attention to sustainability so that we are able to deliver products that have been produced responsibly. The finest, all natural ingredients for the best tasting, cleanest pastries.


Quality control is our major.

Quality control and food safety

We take pride in our dedication to food safety at every step of production. Each person in our facility is well trained in food safety requirements and best practices and every process is meticulously crafted to ensure product consistency, quality, and safety to meet the highest standards. 

Consistency of production

Not only do we focus on getting things right, but we make sure to get them right every time. Our quality assurance technicians test every single batch of product before it leaves our facility so you can trust that you are getting our very best, consistently. We take this commitment a step further and retain a sample of each product for the entirety of its shelf life to ensure traceability and transparency.

Allergen control

From the moment raw materials enter our building, we take the utmost care in storing, handling, and processing to ensure that we are dealing with allergens safely. Product swabbing is performed regularly to ensure there is no cross contamination on our production lines.

Training our teams

Thorough and effective training is at the core of our company values. We know that the people make the company and we are proud of our teams, their diligence, and their commitment to critical food safety policies. Without our employees, we would not be who we are.