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New logo announcement!

We are excited and proud to unveil our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of PastryStar. After 23 years, we are announcing a refresh to our brand to better reflect our company moving forward. We are still staying true to our roots and reputation, just with a new modernized logo.

A new identity, but the rest stays the same

Along with our rebranding you will see in the next weeks our new website and blog, a refreshed look on our product range and social media – but rest assured that nothing else has changed. We’re still a family-owned company, committed to manufacturing the best products and ingredients to simplify your production processes and meet your customers’ needs.

Customer support is our
No.1 priority. Always.

We offer customized solutions
for any challenge you have.

A change in the continuum of PastryStar’s history

Since 1986, PastryStar has been a recognized manufacturer in the Bakery Industry. The company is the original vision of co-founders Ted Pary and Mireille Picou. Throughout the years PastryStar has been on a journey to expand the product range, develop the production lines, and offer customized services. In 2020, PastryStar expanded its footprint by 18,500sq.ft. and invested significantly in a state-of-the-art automated filling production line.

PastryStar is moving forward

Today, under the leadership of Antonin Picou, PastryStar continues to strive to be special in the way we serve customers, treat employees, and manage vendors. We want to live up to our reputation, and go the extra mile. Our main objectives for the coming year:

  • Create a customer driven organization that puts your needs first
  • Increase production efficiency and competitiveness in a fast-changing market
  • Manufacture products available in a more timely manner
  • Guarantee supply and stock for off-the shelf products
  • Continue to create innovative flavors and products to make you stand out
  • Guarantee Food safety, always, thanks to our time-trusted processes.

Our modernized identity is meant to reflect these commitments, and the expertise that PastryStar brings to the table to tackle the challenges of modern bakery.

A revamped packaging design

Along with this new identity comes a new packaging design through all our product range. PastryStar’s products will come with colorful labels, all our packaging properties and sizes stay the same, to offer you convenient options as always.

AmeroFoods, dba PastryStar becomes PastryStar. Period.

This rebranding is also the opportunity for us to simplify some things. You might have always known the company as Amero Foods, dba PastryStar. While these names are synonymous, we’re moving toward being just PastryStar. Simple as that. A specific communication to the accounting and administrative departments will ask them to update our information as a supplier.

Next steps.

The first step involves updating our company branding. In the next few weeks, look for our new logo rollout to be on our digital assets including our website, newsletter and social media, and all administrative documents.

Oh, and one more thing

As we further emerge into this exciting phase of growth, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal customers and business associates for their support throughout the years. We’re looking forward to seeing you at shows and industry events this year!

Antonin Picou • CEO

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