Gelato Full Base

Our neutral powder blend with added stabilizers and egg yolks has been expertly designed to make classic, all-natural Italian Gelato.


Gelato Full Base

Reach for our powder gelato base any time you want to make an authentic Italian gelato?complete with egg yolks?in record time. This high-yielding powder blend can be reconstituted (hot or cold process) by adding whole milk and heavy cream?churn it in an ice cream batch freezer or even a soft serve machine to yield a smooth, rich gelato. This base is neutral, allowing you full creative freedom in how you want to flavor it. We recommend trying any of our all-natural fruit purees or sauces.

This product is clean label and Kosher Dairy.
Allergens: contains eggs, milk.

Customer Benefits

  • Clean label
  • Smooth texture
  • Traditional Gelato

Consumer Benefits

  • All natural
  • 1 step recipe
  • Easy-to-use


Product CodeUnit Wt.Unit / CaseGross Case Wt.Net Case Wt.Case DimensionsPallet
PS1043525 LBS127 LBS25 LBS11.25 x 9.25 x 11Ti x Hi = 16 x 5