Chocolate “Genoise” Sponge Cake

Our all-natural chocolate sponge cake powder mix will yield a perfectly light, spongey cake ideal for layered cakes and sheet cakes. Made with no artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives.


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Chocolate “Genoise” Sponge Cake

This chocolate sponge cake mix is a powder blend made with clean label ingredients and added stabilizers designed to take the fuss out of making a classic, high-yield sponge cake?fast. Using our powder base will ensure that you get consistent results, a deliciously rich chocolate flavor, and we make it with all-natural ingredients so you can achieve that made-from-scratch taste and texture as well. Soak this sponge cake in sugar syrup or pair it with our line of all-natural jams or flavoring syrups. Easy to reconstitute by adding whole eggs and warm water.

This product is clean label and Kosher Dairy.
Allergens: contains wheat.

Customer Benefits

  • Clean Label
  • Light texture
  • Delicious chocolate taste

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy-to-use
  • Consistent results
  • Long shelf-life


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PS0025525 LBS127 LBS25 LBS11.25 x 9.25 x 11Ti x Hi = 16 x 5