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About PastryStar


A Tradition of Excellence:

Since 1986, PastryStar has specialized in manufacturing high end, natural pastry and bakery ingredients. This history of excellence originated in St. Denis, France by the Picou family in 1865.

Today, PastryStar manufactures over 200 different products, which can be found in a wide variety of establishments including fine dining, major grocery chains, cruise lines, and more.


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Innovative Pastry Ingredients:

PastryStar provides our clients with European quality products that are made in our facility located in Laurel, MD. Our product development team is composed of world class chefs with classical French patisserie training. Our ingredients are strategically sourced to created the best taste and texture profiles on the market. For this, we strive to use non-GMO, naturally sourced, and sustainably farmed products.


5 Star Quality and Service:

Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier customer service. Our products can be developed for your specific needs by our technicians. We dedicated a sales representative to each of our customers to ensure that you get the exact help you need.


More Background Info:

Mireille Picou, co-founder of Amero Foods Mfg. Corp traces her roots in the Pastry industry back to 1865, when her great grandfather, Gustave Picou established a distillery in St. Denis on the Seine province of France. They manufactured superb liquors, syrups and pastry fillings. Shown at left is the original brochure of a company that grew decade after decade to become one of France’s finest pastry companies.

Chef Theodore Pary focuses on new techniques of naturally balancing ingredients, resulting in pastry products that deliver excellent flavor without the use of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Amero Foods is known and respected for its ability to formulate and produce custom made blends adapted to the special needs of our valued clients. Among the numerous mixes and products developed are all fructose cookie mix for diabetics, ice cream or sorbet blends in powder form, special flavors for the yogurt and pudding industry, low-carb bread mixes, etc.

Amero Foods manufactures more than 200 different pastry ingredients in Maryland with the upmost consideration for quality and cleanliness of it’s “PastryStar” brand. Our customers are nationwide in the U.S. We also export into 5 different countries and our reputation goes a long way with the cruise lines which take aboard our products every Saturday and cater to a worldwide clientele.


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How We Do Business


Ordering Information:

To place an order with PastryStar, please either:

Customer service is available from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST), Monday – Friday. For questions or comments, call our office or send
an email to customerservice@pastrystar.com and we will be sure to help you with whatever it is is you need.


Customer Service and Technical Assistance:

Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the help you need with any products. For any assistance or for recipe ideas, our
technical assistance and customer service teams are available for you. Please call +1 (800) 886.0912 and someone will transfer
you to the relevant person.


Sales and Inquiries:

We value customer support and assign each of our customers to a dedicated sales person. Please call +1 (800) 886.0912 and let our customer service team know where you are located.