Apple Fruit Filling

Our apple filling is an all-natural, clean label product with 40% real fruit and no artificial ingredients. This filling is non-GMO and made with no artificial ingredients.


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Apple Fruit Filling

With 40% real fruit, our non-GMO apple filling is coupled with cinnamon and caramel that will take your pastries to the next level. Its high fruit content includes small chunks of real apple suspended in the product, giving your baked goods that beautiful made-from-scratch texture. Bake stable and freeze-thaw stable, this ready-to-use filling is an amazing choice for your pies, Danishes, turnovers, and beyond. This product is clean label with a short, all-natural ingredient list, but still packed with all the amazing natural flavor you?ve come to expect from our products.

This product is clean label, non-GMO and Kosher Dairy.
Allergens: none.

Customer Benefits

  • Clean Label
  • High Fruit Content
  • Bake Stable
  • Ready-to-use

Consumer Benefits

  • All natural
  • Better Taste & Texture
  • Non GMO


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PS0051120 LBS122 LBS20 LBSn/aTi x Hi = 18 x 4