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    French Silk Pie Base
    With 40% cocoa powder, this French silk pie powder base will give you a stable and delicious chocolate mousse perfect for a wide variety of desserts. Clean label and all-natural.
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    Instant Hot Process Pastry Cream
    A clean label, all-natural powder blend with added stabilizers designed to make a traditional hot processed pastry cream. Expertly formulated to be freeze-thaw stable.
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    Lemon Curd Mix No Egg
    Use our egg-free lemon curd mix to create a classic, stable lemon curd or lemon filling for your favorite desserts.
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    Neutral Mousse Pie Base
    Our neutral mousse powder blend pie base is a vegan-friendly alternative to gelatin-based products to stabilize your mousses and creams. Easily flavored, incredibly versatile.
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    Panna Cotta Base
    A clean label powder blend of all-natural ingredients with added stabilizers expertly designed to make a classic Italian panna cotta with a subtle vanilla flavor.
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